1966 El Camino

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1966 Chevrolet El Camino
The El Camino… a perfect Classic Pick-Up, but with the look of a Chevelle. In today’s world, The El Camino is the perfect platform for a Hot Rod / Street-Rod Build. This El Camino has been given new life with a GM Crate 350 V8 & many conversion in modifications, as well, […]

’68 Mustang – Restoration

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“1968 Ford Mustang Coupe Restoration”
No Job Is Ever To Big! Even if the job is taking a Classic American Muscle Car out from the darkness of waiting; to actually bringing it the right shop to bring this beautiful coupe back to life. The road will not be quick and easy, but with time and patience […]

’35 Chevy Street-Rod

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1935 Chevy 5-Window Sedan Street-Rod
A perfect example of the Favored bodies of the 1930’s Chevy Street-Rod and Hot-Rod Builders Choice. This little ’35 Chevy has been fully modified and beautifully painted. The Air-Ride Suspension works perfectly, but… this little Chevy is out dated in the “Overall Stance”. It’s time for a change! Only a few […]

1958 Chevy Yeoman “Resto-Wagon”


1958 Chevrolet Yeoman “Resto-Wagon”
Of the 187,000 1958 Chevrolet wagons built, only 16,590 of these were 2-door Yeoman model.

When this Yeoman arrived to the shop, it was an outdated, yet completed Resto-Mod Build. We repaired some rust damage on the rear hatch opening and a few other body locations.   Next a fresh look with 2-tone paint job […]

Jess’s Ford Unibody

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Jess’s Ford Unibody Project [Update: 3/21/2018]
Taking this truck and transforming it in to a work of art will not be easy, but will a complete and finish show truck in the end and well worth the time put into this build. Paint, Interior, Exterior, Performance and Overall Stance will create this one of a kind […]

Coronet 440

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Coronet 440 
This Coronet came to the right place to become a perfect Mopar Show Car and Performance car. The coronet will be going through some changes for new look and stance out on the road. This Convertible is getting a 2-tone Paint job, a new set of BOSS Wheels, Interior Upgrades, New Gauges, repairs on […]

1954 Rolls Royce Restoration [February 2018]

1954 Rolls Royce Restoration    
Rolls Royce. The name we all know has the top level in the Luxury Class of the Automobile. This 1954 Rolls Royce is here for a special touch in a small restoration to this Beautiful Classic. All though its hard to see that is well kept Rolls Royce needs any […]

F350 Dually – Audio Repairs

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Ford F350 Dually “Air Jordan Show Truck”
This is no regular 2005 Ford F350 Diesel work truck. No, this is the  Dually stand out from the lifted truck and the body dropped trucks at every show. This ’05 F350 has over $200k invested in it and now needs a few repairs and upgrades to get this […]

LS-VETTE [UPDATED: 2/21/2018]

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LS-VETTE  [Updated: 2/21/2018] 
This Corvette is getting some majors changes! A full Wide-Body kit, Custom Body work, Custom Upholstery and an LS Engine and a Monster Transmission 4L80e will power this bad boy! The stance is upgrading to a One-Off Custom Schott SL65 19×10 in the front & 20×12 in the rear.
<<< — Rear Fiberglass Repairs — >>>

’65 Shelby GT350 Fastback Tribute [February 2018]

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’65 Ford Mustang Fastback “Shelby GT350” Tribute  
Time for a Tribute Project! This ’65 Fastback Tribute Project is looking for a more “Show Quality Finish” look and more like a real Tribute / Resto-Mod than just a set of Red Racing stripes and a homemade “GT350” Side Decal. This Fastback also will have a few […]