F350 Dually – Audio Repairs

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Ford F350 Dually “Air Jordan Show Truck”
This is no regular 2005 Ford F350 Diesel work truck. No, this is the ¬†Dually stand out from the lifted truck and the body dropped trucks at every show. This ’05 F350 has over $200k invested in it and now needs a few repairs and upgrades to get this […]

’03 Saleen S281 Speedster #35

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2003 Saleen S281 Speedster #35

This Saleen was like no other Saleen seen before. Sadly, this Speedster need a little more than some touch-up to get back the road. A new top was installed¬†along with a new set of Chrome Saleen wheels + a little body & paint work and this Speedster was make to feeling […]

’27 Ford “Zipper” Roadster [December 2017]

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’27 Ford “Zipper” Roaster
This Roadster is one of the more unique hotrods we have seen at the shop. A complete custom build with a few repairs and an update on the look. now this Roadster is ready to get back out on the road!

Repairs Completed:

Chips in the Paint
Repairs in the Fiberglass [Rear Sides […]