Project Description


The past can remind us of the good time, when life was easier and simpler. The history of this van can be seen in very language and reminds of those times. But, now the time has come to give these Van life once again to create new memories and also have fun along the way. This Chevy Van C/10 will be going through many changes and upgrades from the exterior to the interior and from the right stance to a little more power to get this Street-Van down the road a little quicker and more comfortable.

The stance on this van was dated and the original steelies… had to go! Upgrading to a brand new set of Ridler’s Gray with the Polished lip gives this Van that Street-Rod Stance and even with the Patina Paint, it still fits the Modern Style Street-Rod!

<<<++– Ridler Gray Center w/ Polished Lip –++>>>
[Updated April 18, 2018]


<<<++– BEFORE –++>>>