Project Description

Bell of the Roses [‘1955 Chevrolet Bel-Air]

Every thorn has its Rose. In the beginning of this Bel-Air build… it was definitely a thorn. Boring, dull, and painful to look at. the paint was dull red, the wheels were dinner plates, and the engine look as if it sat in the field to die. But with a little bit of creativity and hard work, this Thorn became a beautiful Rose.

First was a new Custom 2-Tone White & Red Paint Job. Next we added Brand new “Bel-Air” Chrome Trim to the sides, windows, and polished the bumpers to make them stand out and shine. Then the dinner plates were removed and replaced with a new set of 20″ Chrome Ridlers + lowered the front-end by 3″; A more modern Resto-Mod Stance. We dressed up this 350 V8 Engine with a set of classic-style Manifolds and a new Classic-style Air Filter.